CNC Routing
Yes, the pinnacle of wood shops. The ‘next big purchase’ of nearly every woodworker – we have it and we love it. Imagination is the only limit when dealing with these routers. We love cutting the perfect piece every time for you.

Panel Cutting
Left your truck with a 4×8 bed at home? Not to worry! Our panel saw slices and dices so that you can fit your sheet in any transportation vehicle you bring to us (and save you some headache when you get home!)

Miter Cutting
Angle cuts look great – when they’re done right. Done just a fraction off and it’s noticeable, at least to the builder! We offer miter cuts, and its most often free if you’re buying with us!

Having uniformity among your lumber is quintessential to completing any project. We utilize our spiral-head planer that makes short work of cleaning your lumber.

Slab Leveling
Leveling a slab is a daunting task that makes your whole shop stop for a few days. We can do that with our CNC machine in minutes ensuring that its not just visually perfect but machine-perfect.

Want to do other things on your weekend than spend 8 hours sanding? We have an arsenal of sanders and sand paper that we use liberally to get jobs done flat. We almost are in competition with each other on who is the best, and the winner is always you.

A jointer is probably the top tool that we hear DIYers wish they had. Only most people cannot afford a 12″ wide, 6′ long spiral-head beast. We do that, and we’re happy to offer it.

Basic & Fine Carpentry
Those pesky mitered corners and giant glue-ups are no match for our combined 100+ years of experience! We take our time, we get it right, and we educate the next generation.

From joining slab tops to making bases, if you can dream it, we can do it.

Manufacturing of various products
Tables, refinishing, desks, tools, we have seen and done a bit of every aspect of woodworking. Sometimes a customer knows what they want but needs a hand completing a part of it. That is where we come in. We have furniture makers, renovation contractors, and sculptors on staff who know their fields and love them.

And more…
The woodworking community is a growing one and though this industry is one of the oldest in the world, we are always looking for things to improve on and learn in.