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Made with OP

Who would we be without our customers? The people that walk through our door are incredibly talented. Truly, the level of creativity that walks through our doors is through the roof. The best part about working at OP is hearing a customer communicate an idea, formulate how they will execute that idea in the store, then return a couple of weeks later with a total masterpiece. Below you will find just a few – and we are always collecting more – pieces that were creaked using OP lumber.

Micheal Compton


Michael honed his turning and fine sanding skills into not only a line of bongos…

Conklin Guitars

MADE WITH OP HomeMade with OPConklin Guitars We have been blessed to claim that the legendary Conklin guitar makers get…

Dickinson Lamps


Wes Dickinson of Dickinson Lamps combines retro edison bulbs, classic piping, and the coolest grained…

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We strive to supply our customers with the highest quality hardwood available. Have a question? Our staff would love to help with your next project!